Cardiff University Donations Policy Change

Since 2013 we have donated £7,500 towards bright students in need of a little extra breathing space in the form of small donations to get them through their studies. Support like this means a lot to us, since it would be unfair and unjust for bright and talented students not to complete their degree with the grades they deserve simply due to financial constraints. These financial constraints are higher now than in previous generations where university fees were almost non-existent.

Our support therefore is not changing, however the way the Hanna Foundation is involved in the individual selection process is. We are now relinquishing the entire selection process to the appropriate Cardiff University teams which will continue to follow the criteria and support that we had in mind when we started this scholarship. This change will in turn permit them to manage the various donations they receive more efficiently and will allow us to pursue more charitable objectives and organisations in line with our principles.

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