The Hanna Foundation Endowment Fund Established

ATHENS, GREECE & LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 11 September 2020: The Hanna Foundation announced today that The Hanna Foundation Endowment Fund (HFEF), has established its first endowment fund. This fund will be managed inhouse, investing the capital for grant making activities and for growth.

The aim of the fund is to ensure responsible and long-term management of capital and should be able to protect against inflation whilst providing fairly dependable income annually.

The capital growth can then be used to both grow the Endowment fund (re-invest profits) but more importantly, to be able to allow the Foundation to continue with its grant-making objectives and policy. In addition, it should – to the best of its abilities and within its means of control – strive to do so regardless of the economic or political situation during that year.

Download Press Release (PDF)